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First Time Home Buying

Dan Geller was recently asked to contribute to an article about the subject of first time home buying in New York City. Please visit  or click the following link: Realtors Speak: Advice for Buying New York Real Estate to read this informative article published on, one of online’s leading personal financial...

Why Now Is The Best Time To Buy In NYC

Most real estate brokers will tell you, “This is the best time to buy.”  It’s a typical sales pitch that is sometimes true, other times not.  Manhattan has always been a a good investment because the market generally matures at a consistent pace.  However, we are...

What is a Condop?

A condop is the marketing term given to a co-op that has rules and bylaws similar to that of a condominium. The freedom to sublet, put only 10% down at closing, and easy board approval are characteristics of a condo that have been adopted by a...